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Great read, and great work! Now, how about UFO's? ;-)

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I've got ideas! As a parent of a toddler myself, I felt that comment about picking the color... For sure the most important.

Anyways, here is a feature list of things you may have considered but haven't implemented because this is just a fun side project!

1. Live view. Use the phone's camera and iPhone's AR capability to display a dot in the (general) area of the aircraft. I've done some coding on how to calculate this based on the user's position and ADSB info that I used for automatically panning a PTZ camera to record aircraft if you are interested!

2. Mark an aircraft as "seen" or "missed"* which would go into the next suggestion.... (*could even digest this feedback in somehow and fine tune what is displayed?)

3. Badges/Stats! If your daughter is anything like mine, she loves getting badges in apps. Maybe create a local DB of previous sightings so then you can track things like "number of different airlines", "number of different aircraft types", "farthest flight time spotted", "shortest flight time spotted" etc etc (Note: I understand and totally appreciate the possible issues around gamifying apps meant for consumption by children.)

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